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We had such a good time at the November meeting of the CARe CR Platform. Our dear guest was Jean-Pierre Wilken, co-author of Model CARe and President of The CARe Network, who informed us about developments in the field of mental health care in the Netherlands, about the latest in Model CARe and his running projects.

We shared current issues from the practice of our organizations, introduced the Yucel Method and planned training in this method in CR, we have focused on exploring, how to support people in the recovery phase, when hope is difficult to find, how to develop relationship and use presence approach, or how to support cooperation between organizations in the system of mental health care.

Thank you for this inspiring and exceptional meeting, abundant participation, personal connection and mutual support.

And at the meeting we have planned some surprises for the next year. You have many things to look forward to :-)

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A visit from Prague on October 15, 2021. This event is part of an inspiration tour through Holland (The Netherlands). The participants also visited GGz Rivierduinen (mental health facility) and the Eagle Shelter. This is one of the Good Examples, of Nei Skoen best practice.

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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Invitation for The CARe Network webinar

"In one’s own hands: ways to support empowerment“

We are inviting you to our online webinar to explore core aspects of empowerment and ways in which they make difference in supporting people with mental health vulnerability.

Empowerment became a quite fancy word, but do we really understand it?

Aiming to explore and emphasize its meaning, we will take a closer look at its core aspects and will reflect on in which ways they are present in our everyday lives and in the support, we provide to others. Together we will share tips, tricks and good practices in keeping lives in our own hands and in supporting others in doing so.

There will be three speakers approaching the topic, but the webinar will be interactive, and we will create an open space for discussion and working in groups to share experience.


Friday 5.11.2021 from 14.30 – 16.00 h. CET

Registration is needed. If you are interested, please register at and we will send you the link for the meeting with further information.

The webinar is free of charge with the possibility of the donation. We hold on the recovery principle of joint reciprocity and mutual support. We would like to share our experiences and expertise with you and if you have the resources and you are willing to support our activities, we appreciate that. The amount of financial participation is up to your possibilities, any participation is welcome.

You can donate here

Meet our Speakers:

Useful links:

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