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CARe Network Innovation Summit in Bucharest, Romania

No Big Drama - peer support stage

This project aims to create the peer support stage in a community theatre in Bratislava (Slovakia), where peer support activities for people with mental health vulnerability and family members will take place.

It aims to create a platform for an easy accessible and user driven peer support group for those who need to share their stories, find new coping strategies and new hope for their tomorrows.

All this will happen on real stage. Because stage is a place, where stories are told. A place, where emotions are expressed. A place, where music is played. A place, where you dare to be creative. A place, that brings fun and hope. A place, peer support group can take advantage of.

Because we believe, that life with mental health vulnerability does not have to be a big drama.

CARe Ambassador in Slovakia

Juraj Marendiak

Bratislava, Slovakia

Social worker and CARe training participant aiming to develop community based and community linked services for people with mental health vulnerability in Slovakia.

Tepla 4 CARe Train-the-Trainer Programme 2017/2019

Juraj Marendiak Slovakia
Winner from Slovakia

We have conducted an interview with Juraj and following are his answers:

What was the biggest challenge in the 'No Big Drama' project?


Unexpectedly, the biggest challenge was to find the stage. As the stage is the key aspect of this project, all other steps couldn't have been taken before we found it. 

What will be the next steps?

Before the first group sessions that will be held at the end of January, we will focus on promoting them. That includes launching a web site, Facebook profile and design leaflets.

How do you intend to reach out to potential group members?

We would like to make this opportunity accessible to a vast range of people with mental health vulnerability. That's why we will promote the project via internet and social networks, but we will use the 'good old' ways to reach them (leaflets in outpatient departments, social services and theme-related public places) as well.

We expect to direct a lot of effort towards reaching the relatives support group members, as they currently have no platform available in Slovakia.

Who are the members in your team? 

Our team is and will remain a small one. I'm glad for the opportunity to cooperate with our drama therapist and graphic designer.


What are your roles and strengths in 'No Big Drama'?

It's the group members that will play the main roles. We are just about to plant a tree and watch it grow strong.

- Juraj

CARe Ambassador in Slovakia

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