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CARe Erasmus+ project

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

A number of member organisations of The CARe Network has successfully applied for EU Erasmus+ funds to enrich the training opportunities in our network. The project team consists of the Czech Centre for Mental Health Development, the Estonian Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association, Tartu University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. We build on existing resources but also develop a new leadership programme. The results will be:

1. A training module introducing principles of and knowledge about mental health recovery and recovery-focused care. This includes basic knowledge about personal recovery processes, recovery factors, experiential knowledge and principles of recovery-focused care.

2. A training module educating professionals with different educational and experiential backgrounds in basic competencies to deliver recovery-focused services.

3. A training module for service leaders. This module focuses on the development of community-based services, like outreach teams, supported living and supported employment. And on the role of service leaders in the implementation of recovery-focused care.

4. A train-the-trainer programme for educators. This module supports educators to become specialist trainers in recovery and mental health service development.

The coming three years, this project will give a boost to our activities, offering training opportunities to professionals, experts-by-experience and service leaders in a number of countries. The funds also enable us to organise one or two conferences.

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