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CARe Model Summer school 2023 Report

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We are happy to share new information about traditional CARe Summer school at Ledce in The Czech Republic.

It was wonderful creative meeting again and we would like to thank everyone who invested the time and piece of him or herself to contribute and co-create such an event!

We have used a lot of creative techniques and arts, worked with Yucel Method, shared experiences and develop new ideas connected with CARe Model, we have focused on the topics of experiential knowledge and self-help, cooperation and being with family members and loved ones within recovery oriented care, we have piloted authorized completely new Recovery game, we had the time to meet each other and ourselves, breath in new energy and support.

If you have missed the event, don’t be sad. We already have the date for next one!

Again at Ledce in The Czech Republic 11.7.-13.7.2024.

Save the date! All international guests are more than welcome!

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