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Certified Practitioner CARe Model online training


Overview and general concept

Certified Practitioner CARe Model online training (CPCM) provides essential knowledge and skills to become a certified CARe practitioner and allows the use of the approach in daily practice. It aims to empower professionals, teams, and communities in the field of mental health to enhance their abilities in providing relational recovery-oriented care and support.

The CARe model is an approach and methodology oriented to support persons in vulnerable situations (due to psychiatric conditions, addiction, homelessness, poverty, and marginalisation) in their recovery process. The CARe Model is aimed to increase quality of life, self-reliance and community participation. Read more

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Recover-E Webinar ''Peer workers perspective: Human rights in mental health and the importance of the role of peer workers in mental health care’’

14 October, 2021 10.00-12.30 CET - online and free

This webinar is focused on promoting, protecting and upholding the human rights of persons with mental health problems. The webinar is organized by RECOVER-E, a Horizon 2020 project on the implementation and evaluation of multidisciplinary community mental health teams (CMHTs) consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, social worker and peer worker in five sites in five countries - Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. Register here.

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Consensus Paper on Fundamental Principles and Key

Elements of Community Based Mental Health Care


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