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The National Center for Mental Health and Anti-Drug Fight (CNSMLA) - has a new  project  “Increasing the skills of mental health professionals for detecting affective disorders and suicidal risk'– training for 900 professionals  – psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses). This is a national project in which Elena Pana is taking part. 

Ioana Pavel participated in some national conferences this summer and she was a speaker presenting CARe methodology to different mental health professionals with the intention to obtain their interest in participating in trainings. 

Traian Purnichi, one of the Train-the-Trainers' Programme 2017/2019, CARe Academy's Tepla 4 batch presented the digitalisation possibilities that we will be implementing with CARe methodology using online platforms.

Updates by Ioana Pavel

CARe Ambassador in Romania

Ioana Pavel


Ioana Gabriela Pavel graduated from 'Carol Davila' University of Medicine in Bucharest and worked first as a resident and now as a specialist doctor in psychiatry in public hospitals, as well as in private clinics. Medical experience also includes hours spent in the psychiatric emergency unit and hours working as cognitive behavioural psychotherapist. 

She has graduated the Neuroscience Institute Master in Psychopharmacology and became a trainer in CARe methodology. She is a member in a number of Mental Health Organisations and had participated in different national and international congresses. She tries to integrate all her experiences in the way that she conducts her work, as she considers that a person with mental health problems needs a multiple approach and an individualised  therapeutical plan. Organising CARe Europe Innovation Summit in Bucharest, gives her hope for an easier and more efficient future of case management in Romanian psychiatry. 

Traian Purnichi

CARe Ambassador in Romania

Traian Purnichi

Traian Purnichi is a psychiatrist, a social entrepreneur and an author of more than 50 specialty articles, 3 books. Now, he is working in the National Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology as a psychiatrist and in his free time he is participating in the Train-the-Trainers' CARe Program and rehabilitation programs. His objectives for the next years as a CARe ambassador includes the digitalization possibilities that we will be implementing with CARe methodology using online platforms, using telemedicine platform for recovery/rehabilitation and implementing CARe methodology on the patient’s organization support groups for a fast and strong social inclusion of the patients with autoimmune or chronic diseases. Another important project for the next years includes the rehabilitation program creation in the major hospitals.


CARe Ambassador in Romania

Elena Pana

Elena Pana graduated Social Work  and Psychology and is trained as a cognitive behavioural therapist. She also participated in a training on CARe Methodology and in several courses on occupational therapy.

She is working in the Department of Community Psychiatry and Social Reinsertion of  the psychiatric hospital “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia”. As a member of  the Romanian Association of Community Psychiatry she participated in the implementation of several projects regarding the social inclusion, anti-discrimination and empowerment of people with mental health problems.

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