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The CARe Network Consultancy Opportunities

From the network of The CARe Network, we can offer advice and support in different fields:

Examples are:

- developing a new community based service

- developing a service focusing on recovery

- deinstitutionalising hospital services

- developing a social enterprise

- advocacy and human rights initiatives

- developing peer expertise and peer support

- developing a proposal for our partnership program

- developing a proposal for a training program


Below you will find a list of persons and their specific expertise. Our experts have substantial knowledge and experience over a long period of time.

The expertise in our network is free of charge if you are an organisation which is a member of our network.

Consultancy and advice can be given by email or Skype. Our experts are also willing to visit your organisation and to offer personal advice on the spot. In this case only the expenses for travel and accommodation have to be covered.

1. Training and Education

2. Partnership

3. Advise & Support

4. Information and Communication

This programme includes: spreading information about the themes of the network, brand logo guidelines, publications (like the books in different languages on the CARe model and the publications 'stories of recovery and participation'. Under the latter program we will be including *Training in using social media.

5. Social Enterprises


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