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Remedial Educationalist & Healthcare Manager, expert of social policy and recovery oriented care. Jochen works in and coordinates different organizations and programs for people with psychosocial vulnerabilities in the Ghent area.


His main domain of work is the organization of different housing programs, possibilities for leisure and activities, back to work programs and the recovery college. All of this with the permanent goal to make the organizations as inclusive as possible with a central position for people with lived experience.

Passionate about mental healthcare in total especially about the organization of the mental healthcare systems and how the way we organize things can contribute to tackling the wicked  problems that mental healthcare issues can be. 

Van den Steen Jochen Belgium Care Ambass

Van Den Steen Jochen

Gent, Belgium

CARe Ambassador in Belgium

Putstraat 16 9051 Sint 

Denijs - Westrem

0032 468 43 80 77

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