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We have made a 'live'-streamed video cast of the Recovery Learning Community, at the NEW SHOES Innovation Summit and a 'Presentation Summary Resources Pack of the Workshops. This is for FREE. Be a CARe Member! You may contribute by donating and every bit is welcome!

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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Invitation for The CARe Network webinar

"In one’s own hands: ways to support empowerment“

We are inviting you to our online webinar to explore core aspects of empowerment and ways in which they make difference in supporting people with mental health vulnerability.

Empowerment became a quite fancy word, but do we really understand it?

Aiming to explore and emphasize its meaning, we will take a closer look at its core aspects and will reflect on in which ways they are present in our everyday lives and in the support, we provide to others. Together we will share tips, tricks and good practices in keeping lives in our own hands and in supporting others in doing so.

There will be three speakers approaching the topic, but the webinar will be interactive, and we will create an open space for discussion and working in groups to share experience.


Friday 5.11.2021 from 14.30 – 16.00 h. CET

Registration is needed. If you are interested, please register at and we will send you the link for the meeting with further information.

The webinar is free of charge with the possibility of the donation. We hold on the recovery principle of joint reciprocity and mutual support. We would like to share our experiences and expertise with you and if you have the resources and you are willing to support our activities, we appreciate that. The amount of financial participation is up to your possibilities, any participation is welcome.

You can donate here

Meet our Speakers:

Useful links:

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Some information about the movie and about Nei Skoen

* Nei Skoen is Helmond for New Shoe and it means: a new life starts on new shoes

The idea comes from inspiration from recovery colleges in London and from Kiva Recovery Learning Community:

* Nei Skoen is based on principles of the CARe Methodology and traditions of the Self Help groups

* We consider us more to be a community (participants speak of family) then a college

* There are no professionals as in care givers. The two coordinators have paid jobs but they are experts by experience

* It is open all days of the week. In the morning g more programs like workshops, in the afternoon meeting space, in the evening self-help groups

* There are no thresholds no paper or anything to come to Nei Skoen (see the part about the coat rack)

* There is no obligations to pay anything, there isa 7th tradition jar in which people can contribute if they want.

* We are subsidized by the municipality of Helmond

The movie is composed of several scenes that where filmed and that give some idea about how Nei Skoen works. You van see and hear: some stories of participants, some creative activities, some explanation about Nei Skoen and how it is created. And some fun

Dirk den Hollander

Ambassadeur GGZ Vriendelijke Gemeentes / Mede oprichter Nei Skoen Helmond

T: +31 6 11432537


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This video is about Nei Skoen. It shows a variety of activities that are characteristic for Nei Skoen.

Nei Skoen means: New Shoes. Because you start a new life on new shoes.

In the video you can see how we welcome new guests / participants to Nei Skoen and introduce some important features like our coat rack.

Some personal stories of participants of Nei Skoen. Some music we make, and several creative activities. There is an explanation of the workshop Soap Stones: how does working with soap stones (and other creative activities) relate to recovery.

And we show that children are important: they create the safe atmosphere that is required.

More about Nei Skoen Recovery Learning Community

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