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Social Entrepreneurship - Slovenia

Oilright Scented Candles from wax, recycled from waste oil, solve more environmental and social problems. If you're gonna do the candle-making, you can have a good time, and you can do it your way. More on


"We have been changing the world for the better since 2014.

  • We collect organic waste.

  • We are the only company in Slovenia processing waste cooking oil.

  • We follow the non-profit rule and social entrepreneurship principles.

  • Our idea of using waste oil to make candles has been awarded.

  • We are the initiators of a project to raise public awareness of this issue.

  • We carry out workshops on waste oil recycling for children and young people.  " -

Bolje is a social enterprise established to employ the most vulnerable groups in the labour market. We are not only interested in making profit, but rather give jobs to groups of people who are most difficult to employ, co-finance the Ozara Slovenija association, develop new services and create new jobs for vulnerable groups. We have been changing the world for the better since 2014.


Detailed writings of this initiative here.

Updates from Bogdan Dobnik


CARe Ambassador in Slovenia

Bogdan Dobnik

Ljubljana, Slovenia

OILRIGHT is an initiative led by Bogdan Dobnik and this social company is established by one of the largest humanitarian organizations Ozara Slovenia

Master's degree in Sociology – Community Social Work

Bogdan Dobnik (Ljubljana, Slovenia) finished master's degree in community social work at Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana in 2008.

Before that he graduated at Faculty of Social Work in Ljubljana. Since 2006 he is head and programmes' coordinator of Ozara Slovenia, Life Quality National Association. From 2008 onwards, he is also the chairman of Ozara Slovenia, which is one of the biggest and most influential Slovenian NGOs working in the field of community mental health. 


Bogdan Dobnik is a member of the Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Mental Health, member of the Managing Committee of the National Forum of Slovenian humanitarian organizations and member of the Interministerial Commission for granting the status of humanitarian organizations in Slovenia. He is also representative of Ozara Slovenia in the Coordination of NGOs in the field of mental health and a member of various working groups at the Social Chamber of Slovenia. Until recently he was a member of the Scientific Council for Social Welfare of the Ministry of Social Affairs.


Lately, he is particularly actively involved in preventive activities to strengthen children's mental health, activities to raise public awareness on the issue of suicide and campaigns for destigmatisation of mental disorders.

Areas of interest includes recycling to address environmental and social problems, and social entrepreneurship. Scented candles made from wax consisting of recycled waste oil are the solution to several environmental and social problems.

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