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Vesper Moore, CPS

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

KEYNOTE Title: "Collectively Transforming Systems: Building Communities of Healing "

The Kiva Center: Central Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community

The Kiva Center’s main focus is on promoting wellness and resilience through mutual support. The Kiva Center believes in every person’s right to mental health and their ability to achieve it. We believe that relationships are at the center of what heals people who have experienced mental/emotional health challenges. We are united by our shared experience and common humanity. Our stories, collective wisdom and strength, guide us and our community to wellness.

Vesper Moore, CPS

Director of Zia Access Center & Young Adult Services

United States: Central Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community

Vesper has been a part of the Central Mass Recovery Learning Community for several years and works as the Director of Zia, a young adult access center operated by the Central Mass Recovery Learning Community’s connection site, Kiva Center. Zia has 2 locations one in the Kiva Center and the other at Open Sky Community Services, Worcester, MA. Vesper is a person of many lived experiences they are an inter-sectional activist and is one of CMRLC’s state and nation-wide trainers. They train curriculums surrounding the topics of trauma, trauma-informed services, state-wide organizational training development, public health, mental health, peer support, gender, queer & trans communities, attraction, race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, social work and social justice. Vesper is skilled in many aspects of peer specialist/mutuality-based work such as peer bridging, general peer support work, peer supervision, peer mentoring, recovery-based coaching and peer facilitation. Vesper is bi-lingual and has supported their Latin community through the advocacy group called “Latinos en Accion (Latinos in action.)” Vesper as a lecturer and instructor has taught at various universities and has spoken on several panels within Central Massachusetts and beyond. They were awarded the Transformation Center’s “Inspirational Journey Award” in 2017 and were awarded one of the national awards for excellence in diversity and inclusion, the Cookie Gant & Bill Compton LGBTQIA Award in 2018. Vesper works to shift the paradigm in regard to social constructs associated with the human experience and believes the process to achieving wholeness is not only possible but probable for each person who seeks it.

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