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Innovation Summit 2018

Winner Pitch Competition: NO BIG DRAMA - Peer Support Stage


Thank you for your participation! This year, we had a very successful summit event in Bucharest Romania with participation of people from 17 different countries from The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Estonia, United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania and Georgia. One key highlight of the summit was the Pitching Competition where the 'Best Pitch' Idea went back with a €1000!


No Big Drama - peer support stage This project aims to create the peer support stage in a community theatre in Bratislava (Slovakia), where peer support activities for people with mental health vulnerability and family members will take place.

It aims to create a platform for an easy accessible and user driven peer support group for those who need to share their stories, find new coping strategies and new hope for their tomorrows.

All this will happen on real stage. Because stage is a place, where stories are told. A place, where emotions are expressed. A place, where music is played. A place, where you dare to be creative. A place, that brings fun and hope. A place, peer support group can take advantage of.

Because we believe, that life with mental health vulnerability does not have to be a big drama.

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