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"In one’s own hands: ways to support empowerment“ webinar on the 5th November is over. Stay tuned for CARe Academy webinars and training program 2022.



Youth Inclusion

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Pavel Říčan, General Coordinator

Van den Steen Jochen Belgium Care Ambass

Belgium, Gent

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Get a 'live'-streamed video cast of NEW SHOES INNOVATION SUMMIT at Nei Skoen and The CARe Network, as well as a 'Presentation Notes Resource' Pack of the Summit. 

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The CARe Network

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The CARe Network for Recovery and Inclusion is an International network which serves professionals, service users and organizations to promote the transition from institutional to community-based and recovery-based care.

The CARe Network is active in the field of mental health care and social entrepreneurship around persons with a mental health vulnerability. We connect practice, research and education.

We connect practice, research and education.

The CARe Network has been established in 2011 with the support of Fund Storm Rehabilitation. Members are individual persons (professionals, consumers, activists), services, consumer organisations, national associations, educational and research institutes.

The CARe Network has the following activities:

1. Providing information and knowledge

2. Providing opportunities for meeting, learning and exchange

3. Supporting the development of new initiatives by providing advice and training

4. Encouraging research and knowledge development

5. Encouraging partnerships between organisations in different countries


The main office of The CARe Network is located in Tallinn. At the moment The CARe Network has members in 16 different countries.

You can read about The CARe Network goals here 

By becoming a CARe Ambassador, you are joining this growing network across Europe and contributing to the promotion of community-based and recovery-based care. Details of benefits for the CARe Ambassadors such as CARe Academy courses, are available here

For information about The CARe Network, please contact: care@thecare-network.com

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