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Suzana Oreški, Ph.D.

Updated: Dec 20, 2018


CARe Conference 2012 Speaker Bio:

Counsellor Office Manager, NGO ALTRA

Suzana Oreški, Ph.D., Assistant Lecturer, social worker, consultant, researcher, Counsellor Office Manager at the non-governmental organization ALTRA and is a member of various professional bodies in the mental health and social protection field in Slovenia.  

Member of the Working and Research group on the Implementation of the Mental Health Law in Slovenia,  at the Social Protection Institute of the Republic Slovenia and Faculty of Social Work, from 2009-2011,  Chair of the Working Group on Establishment of standards and norms for social welfare programmes in the field of mental health occurring in the NGO'S sector (group home programs, day care centers and counselling programs) at Social Chamber of Slovenia in the year 2011. She has got an award for outstanding quality and professional work in implementing community social services in the field of social care, awarded by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs in the year 2011.

She seeks to develop models of community mental health for people with mental health problems at both the practical, conceptual and legislative level.

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