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Study Tour to Estonia


Triin Vana (Estonia) gave a presentation on the Estonian Community Mental Health System in Tallinn Mental Health Center. Within the framework of East-East Program, a group of Armenian Professionals have visited Estonia and the Czech Republic in order to collect information on #communitybasedservices and to discuss the planned Mental Health Reforms in Armenia.

Triin Vana (Estonia) acquired an education in nursing from Tartu University (specialised on teaching and health care management, also on psychiatric nursing), studied psycho-social rehabilitation and business management, supervision and coaching.

She is head trainer of CARe Europe and works as certified trainer since 2002, when the first International training, Tepla 1 was held. Triin has more than 20 years leadership experience in developing and managing rehabilitation and community based mental health services in Estonia. She is also certified as EQUASS (European Quality of Social Services) quality system consultant and trainer to support social service providers to evaluate and improve the quality of services. Triin likes to say that she has 3 lovers in her work life - CARe methodology, supervision and social services quality. Last years there have appeared the 4-th one – social services design as a new way of developing user focused services, connected with her master program studies in Tartu University.

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