📷Dr Jan Pfeiffer

Psychiatrist and leading advocate of reform for mental health care

📷Dr. David Blazey

Social Inclusion, Rehabilitation and Recovery Project Manager

📷Tamás Verdes

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

📷Gábor Gombos

UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

📷Dirk den Hollander

Master in Pedagogical Studies

📷Dr. Jean-Pierre Wilken

Professor of Social Work

📷Martine Ganzevles

Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

📷Annelies Hoefsloot

Workshop Speaker

📷Dr Robert van Voren


📷Frans Withagen

CARe teacher, CARe auditor and CARe coach

📷José Buitendijk

CARe coach, CARe auditor and Strengths trainer

📷As. prof. Vesna Švab

Psychiatrist, Medical faculty Ljubljana Slovenia

📷Suzana Oreški, Ph.D.

Counsellor Office Manager, NGO ALTRA

📷Vanda Katona

Eötvös Loránd Science University Budapest Faculty of Special Education

📷Agnes Sarolta Fazekas

Faculty of the Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd Science University

📷Armen Soghoyan, MD, PhD

Honorary Member of World Psychiatric Association (WPA), Psychiatrist

📷Andrea Spitálszky

Legal Officer, Mental Disability Advocacy Center

📷Dorottya Karsay

Project Manager of MDAC's Detention Monitoring Project

📷Toon van Meel

Nurse and Manager, Emergis in the Netherlands


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