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Social Inclusion: From Vision to Reality

Jean-Pierre Wilken in Ukraine: talking about social inclusion and CARe model.

On February 7, 2017 Jean-Pierre Wilken has held a seminar "Social Inclusion: From Vision to Reality. The introduction to CARe model", which was organized by the International Leadership and Development Center in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Participants from different regions of Ukraine attended the seminar. Among them were representatives of state and local authorities, public organizations, NGOs and associations, as well as specialists working with people with disabilities, and parents raising children and youth with disabilities.

Participants of the seminar were able to get answers to their questions on how to implement the principles of inclusion effectively in Ukrainian society, what is the place of de-institutionalization in the process of inclusion, and how to enable it on the national level.

For the first time, the CARe model and its components were presented for public in Ukraine. Jean-Pierre Wilken, together with the participants, discussed the conditions that would enable CARe model functioning in Ukraine.

Feedback from a participant, mother of youth with disability and specialist working in rehabilitation center for children:

“Unfortunately, many people in Ukraine see inclusion as just putting a child with a disability in a regular school classroom. This seminar is expanding the outlook on social inclusion as a complex of activities and values. Inclusion is a dynamic process that is integrated into every sphere of life. What is interesting is that CARe model can be implemented not only by professionals, but also by active people, who are deeply interested in providing a better life for people with disabilities, such as parents of children with special needs”.

Deinstitutionalization reform in Ukraine is making big steps forward to the idea of community based services and support for children and youth with disabilities. We hope that CARe methodology will soon start to be implemented in trainings for professionals working with children and youth to support the next stages of the reform.

Updates: Dariia Lavrentieva (CARe Ambassador in Ukraine)

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