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Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

First of its kind, a remote Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program, aka SEIP, has been founded by Zsolt Bugarszki. SEIP is open to partnership with organizations that support social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development and impact-oriented entrepreneurship.  They aim to work together with corporations, universities, local municipalities and governmental agencies, media and representatives of creative industries and art. 

Within the framework of this collaboration, certified CARe Trainers are shall offer special support for individuals and organisations active in recovery-oriented mental health care, developing sustainable e-services. In this program, SEIP and CARe Trainers can help its participants to use modern ICT technology in their community-based mental health care service. Particular attention will be paid to supporting user-led initiatives, user groups and peer support. Mentors will provide consultation on online solutions in peer support. As well as, the offering of participation in SEIP's 6 months long incubation program for social enterprises acting in the field of mental health care. SEIP's services are available free of charge for the members of The CARe Network.

You can email to to join. Or be warmly welcome to check out the Forum with a vibrant social entrepreneurs community:

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