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ROMANIA Continuous Effort in Mental Health

People with psychiatric disorders can benefit from psychotherapy services

Although, in Romania, we are still far from an integrated community mental health system, there are positive changes, in the last years. Due to the continuous efforts and work of nonprofit organisations, the Ministry of Health approved some of the proposals for improving the mental health system.

At present, people with psychiatric disorders can benefit from psychotherapy services, supported by the state insurance system. Also, there is a national program for mental health, that includes several subprograms:

activities implemented in order to prevent depression and suicide (workshops for family doctors)promoting mental health at workplace (trainings for professionals on community psychiatry)developing and implementing a pilot program for prevention of eating disorders in children and adolescents developing and implementing a training program for professionals, working in mental health facilities for children, for using standardized instruments assessing children with autistic spectrum disorder early detection of psychiatric disorders due to alcohol developing occupational therapy services for inpatients, in mental health facilities

Recently, thanks to the great efforts of Center for Legal Resources (CRJ), the state approved and will finance the establishment of an independent monitoring mechanism of centers for people with disabilities. The Monitoring Council role is to oversee the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Monitoring Council is an independent human rights institution, essential to the effective protection of fundamental rights of persons with disabilities in institutions in Romania and in facilitating effective access to justice.

In this context, a significant number of nonprofit organizations, activating in mental health, are working to create a national coalition on mental health.

- Updates from Elena Pana

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