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"Recovery in practice" CPCM 2023 about to start!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

"Recovery in practice" - Certified practitioner CARe Model (CPCM) provides essential knowledge and skills to become a certified CARe practitioner and allows the use of the approach in daily practice. It aims to empower professionals, teams, and communities in the field of mental health to enhance their abilities in providing relational recovery-oriented care and support. "Recovery in practice" Certified practitioner CARe Model

The training is held online from June 2023 to December 2023.

We start on 9th of June 2023!

The program focuses

  1. General principles of CARe approach, theory and working methods of the Model CARe.

  2. Using Model CARe in daily practice in different types of services and contexts together with specific applications with persons that need specific support.

  3. Using Model CARe as support for development in the team and organization towards recovery oriented, relational care, which emphasize personal experience.

  4. Support on deinstitutionalization (DI) process, development of recovery oriented, community-based services (experiences, different good examples, and practices)


The program consists of contact hours and of the following parts:

E-learning, practical assignments and online training.

As an extension there is:

  • group coaching as a specific strength-based method supporting professional growth

  • participant’s working groups to gain practical experience and support each other in learning process

  • individual supervision and support from the coach/trainer during the training


Full price payment 700 euro / Payments separated to two payments 350 euro each

We are open to providing scholarships to those for who the financial contribution would make a barrier. For more info about scholarship options feel free to contact the CARe Network coordinator Pavel Říčan (



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