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Recovery Colleges Mutual Support Exchange - CMHCD

Recovery Colleges Mutual Support Exchange

A network is a network only when connected. And our network is

connected a lot. We are Recovery Colleges, and we have a lot in

common. We know each other, and we stay in touch. We have

joint projects, and we are partners.

At our meeting, we experienced much more. We experienced,

that we are able and willing to support each other and

interconnect our talents, skills and experience. The mutual

support exchange was a powerful experience of inspiration and

reciprocity for us. Aiming to keep it, we listened carefully and

wrote down all the mutual support offered and asked for.

We’ll be glad to see this exchange work - not only in case we

need some support, but in case we have space and will to

support the others as well.

Please let us know at Thank you!

The CMHCD team


Below there is also the link on CMHCD web page with the information and invitation for further cooperation (in czech).

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