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Recovery and inclusion-oriented researches in Estonia

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Summer 2019


Eveli has been working in mental health and social work for 13 years. She has focused in her work on personal recovery, person’s strengths and experiences of crises. Eveli is qualified CARe worker and also social worker. She thinks that CARe training resonated very well with her values, principles and after CARe training she uses the “recovery language” in her work and life.

In June 2019 Eveli defended her master’s degree and introduced her research about PLAN OF WARNING SIGNS and CRISES CARD SERVICE in Estonia. Eveli interviewed persons with mental health crises and illness experience. 

Eveli’s research described that In a mental health crisis, it is important that a person receives the necessary help according to his or her desires and will. Positive and safe humanly help creates trust. Creating a crisis card is important for people who experience or are at risk of experiencing recurrent mental health crises. The crisis card should always be preceded by the mapping on warning signs, so that the person learns better about his or her state of health and self-coping mechanisms and knows what stressors will lead to the crisis.

The plan of warning signs should be recommended to do for all people who experience recurrences of mental health or mental illness in order to be prepared for a recession and prevent deterioration or crisis. Over time, it is also possible to prevent crises by seeking help at the right time, which will ensure a better and safer functioning of the individual at both personal and social levels.

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