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OZARA 2013, Slovenia


OZARA Slovenia, as every other years, will be very active in the year 2013.

In addition to regular activities and a number of international projects on which we work and cooperate, we will organize some interesting activities in the coming months whose aim is to raise public awareness about mental disorders and associated difficulties.

Next week we will officially present the new book for children who have suffered the greatest possible loss - death of a parent. This special and precious book was written by renowned Danish clinical psychologist dr. Christof Lehmann, while the beautiful illustrations was created by a promising Slovenian illustrator and designer Maja Čuk. A book that talks about a little rabbit and his family, who have to adapt to a difficult new situation after the death of the father rabbit. It will also be presented on a national television show “An hour with Bernarda” and during the midnight program on our national radio.

In February, we will take an active part in preparation of the special talk show “Midnight Club”, which is on program every Friday night on the Slovenian national television. The show will be dedicated to those who suffer from schizophrenia and their family members. The representative of our organization and recognised experts in the field of mental health, involved in the process of treatment and rehabilitation of people with mental health problems, will also be contributors to a discussion.

In short, but no later than at the beginning of March, we are going to publish the first Slovenian graphic novel about suicide “Swing”, specifically intended for youngsters. The book, written and illustrated by Žiga Valetič and Gašper Rus, will be issued in collaboration with one of the oldest and most important Slovenian publishing house Celjska Mohorjeva. Together with the advertising house TAM TAM, Ozara will prepare a special all-Slovene poster campaign. On more than 100 large-format posters, they will be hung on poster sites in 16 Slovenian cities. We will also be using the drawings from the graphic novel "Swing" to draw the attention to the too large number of deaths due to suicide in Slovenia.

In addition, we are in the midst of discussion about organising our traditional 

running events "I'm running for Mental Health," which will be held in July. We are already planning to organise national campaigns on World Mental Health Day 2013 

and World Suicide Prevention Day 2013. On the same day (10th of September 2013), we would like to present the Slovenian translation of the prof. Diego De Leo’s book “Turning Point”, which will be published in cooperation with the publishing house of the University of Primorska.

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