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NGO “Together for Children” UKRAINE

Since 2019 NGO “Together for Children” runs a program to support youth graduating from institutional care in Dnipro, helping them in their transition to independent life. Today we want to share more about the methodology of individual support, which we launched at the beginning of 2020.

The project's case-managers use an adapted CARe model methodology in individual work with graduates, which helps together with the graduate to formulate and achieve their personal goals to improve their quality of life, and effectively plan the work of case-managers.

CARe (Comprehensive Approach to Rehabilitation) is a model based on the principles of recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation, developed by professionals from The CARe Network. The main idea of the model is providing support to people in order to achieve their desired quality of life. CARe is intended to enable the provision of effective support for people who are at a given moment unable to cope on their own.

At the beginning of its development, the model was aimed to support the process of recovery for people who live with mental disorders and people who had experience with use of psychoactive substances. These days the CARe model is used to work with many different categories of customers. CARe is being used in different countries in shelters for homeless people, supported housing, in support services for the elderly, support services for people who have experienced trauma, as well as in work with young people.

After 8 months of implementation of CARe model in our program we can already see the first results of the individual work with young graduates. We are very glad that we can be a part of the further development of this model and its adaptation to work with young people graduating from institutions in Ukraine.

Разом заради дітей /Together4children

@UkraineTogether4Children · Community Organization

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