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New Research Report Launch

December 2013 about the process of Deinstitutionalization in Hungary.

New research report has been launched in December 2013 about the process of Deinstitutionalization in Hungary.Zsolt Bugarszki and his research team in co-operation with Hungarian Civil Liberty Union has been monitoring the preparation of the first wave of Deinstituionalization in Hungary. The research report is available in English here.

New CARe Europe program: Promoting Self Advocacy We happily announce that CARe Europe has successfully applied for 24000 USD grant from Mental Health Initiative to support CARe Europe's Promoting Self Advocacy program between 2013 December and 2014 August. With the leadership of Gábor Gombos from Hungary in Promoting Self Advocacy, this program aims to build capacity of self-advocates and self advocacy group, to network self-advocates who can become co-trainers and peer support workers in Hungary, Romania and Croatia. CARe Europe pays a special attention to the development of user initiatives and user involvement in mental health. To start off with this Promoting Self Advocacy program, it is a very important milestone for our organization.

Community Support Research meeting in Amersfoort, The Netherlands Our Program Coordinator Jodee Lim represented CARe Europe on the fourth international meeting of the Community Support Research program. With the participation of 4 cities  - Maastricht (Holland)- Amersfoort (Holland)- Tallinn (Estonia)- Budapest (Hungary) a comprehensive research program has been conducted over the last 18 months to explore effective methods of recovery oriented community-based services to promote participation and social integration of people with psychosocial disabilities.During the event, CARe Europe advisor Gábor Gombos (Hungary) provided a presentation on UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht.  

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