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Nei Skoen [English Summary]

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Nei Skoen is based on "two pillars"

  1. Self-help principles and the traditions that go with them

  2. The CARe approach: a recovery and strengths-oriented methodology to support people in their recovery process

Some basic Nei Skoen principles:

Everybody is welcome. Not only people with vulnerabilities but also the neighbors, our family, children and grandchildren and everybody who wants to participate. Zero exclusion.

Everything is for free: meals, coffee, materials to work with and lessons

Anonymity is a core principle. Nei Skoen only wants to know your first name. And no information will ever be shared with others.

Autonomy: Nei Skoen is completely autonomous. If we get funds (for instance from the municipality) we don’t sell our principles

We are of equal value. Regardless of titles, diagnoses and other labels

How you can be an active member and support our work:

We have a 'live'-streamed video cast of the NEW SHOES SUMMIT 2019 and a 'Presentation Notes Resource' Pack of the Summit which you get for FREE. Be a CARe Member as an individual or organization. You may also contribute by donating and every bit is welcome! DONATE via Bank Transfer:

Stichting Care Europe Oude Garderenseweg 105 8050 PL ELSPEET IBAN: NL76INGB0000555432BIC: INGBNL2A

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