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Model CARe Fidelity Audit Training

Congratulations to our colleagues on the successful completion of the one year Model CARe Fidelity Audit Training!

We participated in a pilot verification of the latest audit methodology as a part of the project "Development of psychosocial rehabilitation according to the CARe model".

Thanks to experience from the Czech Republic, our colleagues in the Netherlands considered the changes and incorporated them into the current version of this tool for the development and support of recovery-oriented practice in organizations. We are proud to be part of this process.

We would like to thank Jean-Pierre Wilken very much for his guidance, training, feedback, his observations and great support throughout the process. Thanks also go to all employees, clients and auditors for carrying out the first round of audits and mutual learning.

At the beginning of next year, another round of Model CARe fidelity audits will take place with a new, modified methodology. We look forward to further experiences and a joint dialogue on the developed good practice in The Czech Republic.

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