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Social Enterprise

With a good idea that has both value for rehabilitation and business potential, people who face disadvantages can turn from 'patients' and 'clients' into citizen participants and even Entrepreneurs.

Madness as Human Experience


Challenges, Contradictions and Solutions Degree

Tallinn Summer School, Tallinn University -  Social Work and Social Policy Issues at the International Level

The social work summer course aims to provide a unique educational experience and opportunity to understand some of the latest developments in the social work profession.

This summer we will look beyond the traditional social work practice areas to explore together new fields and ideas.

The course consists of three parts.

Madness as Human Experience 

The first two days of our program (Monday and Tuesday) will be dedicated to a unique human experience. Traditionally, mental health problems have been considered an issue of medical care. This course presents the latest developments in the mental health field to show the human face of mental health problems and the new paradigm of recovery. Representatives of the user movements from different countries will participate in the course to offer service users, professionals, activists, and students a new understanding about the nature of mental health problems and the perspectives that user-oriented approaches bring to this field. This part of the course will be organized in cooperation with Tallinn Mental Health Center, the Estonian Association of Psycho-Social Rehabilitation, and CARe Europe.

Social Enterprises: Using Your Creativity and Sensitivity

The second part of the course held on Wednesday and Thursday consists of lectures and seminars/workshops on social enterprises. It is not only start-ups and art projects that can be cool and creative. With a good idea that has both value for rehabilitation and business potential, people who face disadvantages can turn from “patients” and “clients” into citizen participants and even entrepreneurs. Social enterprises are moving the design and image of modern rehabilitation services in fascinating directions, emphasizing the abilities of every individual and the creative side of social work. The first course day will take place in Tallinn. On the second day, the students have an opportunity to take part in an excursion to Pärnu to visit best practices.

Research Seminar

On the fifth day (Friday), the course will continue with lectures and seminars focused on science in social work.

More information about registration and course fee is available on website of Tallinn Summer School

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