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KAZAKHSTAN Psychoanalytic Association Shortlisted As 2020 Zero Project Awardees

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Ed-Recovery Academy (ERA) is a new program designed to teach reading, grammar, and math for people with intellectual disabilities over 18 years olds through using the life skills, educational, easy-to-read method, and psychological combination in reading, grammar, and math. Using individualized support based on assets and need of the person.

Today, in KAZAKHSTAN Psychoanalytic Association is the only NGO providing combined and individualized education to people with intellectual disabilities over 18 years who have no literacy. Never before people believed that people with intellectual disabilities with no literacy can succeed in reading, grammar, and math.

Ed-Recovery Academy has been shortlisted as one of the nominated practices and policies that have made it through a detailed quality check and through one round of peer-reviewing from experts – with and without disabilities – from around the world. From an incredible 469 nominations, 169 Practices and 24 Policies have made it through to the Shortlist. All shortlisted projects will be invited to attend the Zero Project Conference 2020 at the United Nations Offices in Vienna, Austria.

The final vote is currently underway, which will determine which of these great projects will be finally selected as 2020 Zero Project Awardees on the topic of Education for people with disabilities. Around 75 Practices and 10 Policies will be chosen to be featured in the annual Zero Project Report and given speaking roles at the Conference to share their important and impactful work which supports education for people with disabilities.

Content Contribution and updates from Gulzhan Amangeldinova/ Anna Kudiyarova

KAZAKHSTAN Psychoanalytic Association

Psychoanalysis in Central Asia Graduated from the 21st international school of psychoanalysis in Kazakhstan (August 2019)


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