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Jubilee Congress

On 27th October, the 25th anniversary of the CARe Model in the Netherlands was celebrated with a great conference in Bussum.

Jean Pierre Wilken presented a short history and highlighted the core elements of the approach. David Blazey and Tony Holmes reported on good practices in London of working in partnership between services, service users and the community, highlighting the success of the emerging recovery colleagues.

Seven peer experts gave impressing accounts of their recovery processes and the strengths they are using now in different roles, like being a CARe trainer or a recovery coach (using pictures, movies and music). In the afternoon many different workshops showed great examples of the application of the model in a variety of services, often as a coproduction of professionals and peer experts. As a gift for the jubilee, the RINO Group presented to the founders of the CARe model a cheque of 1000 Euro.

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