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José Buitendijk

CARe Conference 2012 Speaker Bio:


CARe coach, CARe auditor and Strengths trainer

José Buitendijk, MSc, is educated as a health care psychologist, CARe coach, CARe auditor and Strengths trainer.  In the past she worked as a social worker with homeless people. 

As manager Policy and Quality she is responsible for the implementation and development of CARe at Traverse, an organization for homeless people in Tilburg, the Netherlands.  She also works as a science practitioner at Tranzo, University of Tilburg, where she studies the effects of CARe on the quality of life and rehabilitation goals of long term houseless clients.  Member of the Daily Board of the Academic Collaborative Centre for Shelters and Public Mental  Health at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical.

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