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Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová & Marek Procházka

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Mgr. Marek Procházka

Psychologist in charge of quality assurance and implementation of recovery oriented practice and psychiatric rehabilitation in the Psychiatric Hospital Horni Berkovice in The Czech Republic. He is responsible for the implementation of Model CARe approach and methodology in inpatient departments in this hospital and closely cooperate with Platform CARe CR. At present he is a head of hospital transformation process as part of the country-wide mental health reform underway in The Czech Republic, including implementation of the WHO Quality Rights programme.

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Mgr. Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová

She acquired the education in occupational therapy at The 1st Medical Faculty at The Charles University and in supervision of social and health care services at The Faculty of Humanities at The Charles University. She acquired long term psychotherapy training in systemic (constructivism) therapy. She is currently a supervisor and Model CARe trainer in social and health care services and closely cooperates with The CARe Network in training programs. She is a consultant at The Centre for Mental Health Care Development and external lecturer at occupational therapy study at the 1st Medical Faculty at the Charles University.

She is the Platform CARe CR coordinator and CARe training CR quality guarantee. At present she cooperates closely with Psychiatric hospital Bohnice, Psychiatric hospital Horní Beřkovice, C.A. Fokus Vysošina and other organisations in implementation process of recovery oriented practice and Model CARe into inpatient care and community services. She is responsible for the implementation of Model care within a transformation process of longterm residential home for people with severe mental health issues at The Castle Rychmburk from institutional care into community services.

NEW SHOES Summit 2019

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