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Howie the HarpTM (HTH)

Danya Tempelman

Cécile Malingré – Netherlands

Howie the HarpTM (HTH) is primarily a training programme to become a peer specialist in paid employment in the nonprofit and profit sectors. The expertise Howie the Harp offers aims to train students as peer specialists, based on their own diverse range of competencies and abilities. The goal of the training programme is to enable people to take the step to sustainable paid employment through obtaining the Howie the HarpTM certificate.

Therefore, the focus is on the future, what are you working towards? HTH program in the Netherlands is located in Rotterdam, Arnhem, Amsterdam and Waalwijk.

Description of the workshop:

We will show you in this workshop how Howie the Harp as a training offers a new environment for the recovery of students (and employees); We encourage our students to use our locations and the programme to be creative. Think about:

• Poems written by talented students to describe their recovery.

• Special lessons such as Photo Voice


• Art

• Use of music during final presentations and lessons

• Recovery story pen

• Peer to Peer support In short; Howie the Harp offers an open atmosphere where students can express their recovery in creative ways.

Danya Tempelman is a graduated Howie the Harp student from Arnhem and she will take the visitors in a creative way to highlights of recovery.

Cécile Malingré is a member of the Howie the Harp team in the Netherlands since 2014 and has been gratefully supported many Howie the Harp students in Arnhem and Rotterdam.

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