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Good Practice in Users Involvement

by Külli Mäe and Anita Kurvits


Are we (socially) included?

The workshop has two main goals:

a) To introduce Estonian peer counselling teamwork experiences with professional helpers through personal point of view.

b) To invite participants to debate and make proposals to CARe Europe network to ensure better involvement of recovering clients/ service users.

Presenters: Anita Kurvits, peer counsellor. Users involvement good practice in Estonia.

Keywords: support groups, self-help groups, networking, peer counsellors trainings, respect seminars. (15 min).

Oliver Kukk, peer counsellor. Schizophrenia and peer counselling.

Keywords: schizophrenia, peers, the meaning of recovery story, educational film (15+20 min)

Urmo Reinik, peer. Rehabilitation and work.

Keywords: employment, supported employment, mentoring (15 min)

Anneli Valdmann. NGO Avitus.

Keywords: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, counselling, group work, training, health promotion, mental health, well-being (15 min)

The first part of the workshop presentations are divided into four level examples:

1. Personal level: How participation in projects with professionals has helped me to understand mentality of recovery and motivated to open myself, to tell my story so, that the audience can learn something from that.

2. Public’s training level: How is matured the willingness to come up with own story and face the people. Different techniques, which we use in respect seminars: presentations, written stories, photos, films. Example of a respect seminar.

3. Formation of social services through the teamwork. Importance of employment in recovery process; example of participation in different projects and undertakings, related to work life.

4. Growing up in a service provider. Development center AVITUS – the growth story of a non-profit organization. To the second part of the workshop the Estonian peer counsellors have offered to debate a proposal to create by CARe Europe Clients/ service users Advisory Board, which would have representatives from all the countries. Leadership responsibilities could fluctuate between countries each year

Workshop 4: Good practice in user involvement

Külli Mäe, Anita Kurvits, Oliver Kukk, Urmo Reinik, Anneli Valdmann

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