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Global Initiative on Psychiatry 35th Anniversary

Updated: Nov 24, 2018


Dear friends of FGIP, In less than two months from now Global Initiative on Psychiatry will mark its 35th anniversary.The best way to do this is to give a present to a partner organization that embodies all the values GIP stands for. We have decided to focus on our partner "Nest" in Sri Lanka, an organization set up many years ago by Sally Hullugalle, who for more than a quarter of a century has dedicated all her time and energy to the support of persons with mental illness. The work Nest does is exemplary, and deserves our full support. Sally and her people want to continue their work next year at the Mulleriyawa mental hospital for women, and in particular want to purchase a trishaw that helps them transport goods and women to and from the market and on outings. It would be wonderful if our anniversary could be celebrated by making this possible. Attached is our call for donations. We hope you will agree to support, and also help by disseminating this appeal to a wider audience.
thank you very much for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Robert
-- Robert van Voren is Chief Executive of Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP and professor of political science at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas (LT) and Ilia State University in Tbilisi (GEO), and visiting professor at theGrinchenko University in Kyiv (Ukraine).  He is also Vice-President for Europe of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). Postal address: P.O.Box 1956, 1200 BZ  Hilversum, the Netherlands Facebook: Facebook: Download PDF of this letter
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