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Geof Cox

United Kingdom, Keynote Speaker

Geof Cox has over 30 years social enterprise development experience.

He specialises in organisational change and restructuring, especially around the transformation of public services and the start or expansion of trading activities by public or voluntary sector bodies.  He is regarded as one of the leading UK experts on organisational structures for social enterprise.

He has worked on some of the highest profile public service transformations to social enterprise in recent years, especially in health and social care, including the largest UK National Health Service transformation to date (Hull PCT delivery arm to City Health Care Partnership CIC), and his work has been cited as a model of good practice in UK Government reports, and in a speech by a serving Secretary of State for Trade & Industry.  He also works throughout Europe, mainly on NGO transformation to social enterprise.

He has written many published guides and refereed academic papers on social enterprise development and the transformation of public and voluntary sector services to social enterprise (see

He is passionate about social inclusion, and frequently reminded of its importance as the parent of a child with a learning disability.  He is an associate member of the UK National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi), and co-founder of the miEnterprise 

network for supported self-employment, which he sees as a way of restructuring disability day centres for enterprise and inclusion.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), a Guardian Online contributor, an ACEVO recommended consultant, a director of a number of leading UK social enterprise umbrella bodies, and a director of Social Enterprise Europe, whose French office he currently runs.

Geof Cox

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