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Family Involvement in Care


Among Consumers With Serious Mental Illness

Since 2008, we have supported the implementation of Family Psychoeducation (FPE) in Kansas. While we continue to support current sites, we have decided not to expand FPE sites at this time. As this article acknowledges, many people with serious mental illnesses want their family members involved in their care. But people also want a range of involvement possibilities. 

In FY2016, The Center for Mental Health Research and Innovation will be working with the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services to build family engagement and involvement components into Strengths Model practice. This has the possibility of reaching more families than we were able to through FPE.  Currently, high fidelity Strengths Model case management has been implemented in 14 Community Mental Health Centers in Kansas (30 teams), with outcomes that significantly exceed the state average in psychiatric hospitalisation, competitive employment, post-secondary education, and independent living. This can only be further solidified with more focused efforts to involve family whenever possible.

Rick Goscha

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