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FACT & Family PsychoEducation

A paper about Fact and family psycho education.


Fact is the Dutch answer on ACT. PDF shared by Els Makaay

A paper about Fact and family psycho education.

Fact is the dutch answer on ACT.

You combine /add the function of Assertive Community Treatment ACT on a ambulant team of case workers.

Els Makaay is a Counselor in a mental health institution in eastern part of the Netherlands.

She specialise in an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) of Propersona focusing on the social roles of people and combining quality care. One of her contribution is in quick placement of people in paid work and providing good on the job support. Els also has prior working experiences in day care center. As a coach and trainer at Rino Groupe Utrecht, Els teaches mental health working professionals and service providers using the CARe Approach.

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