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Equal Rights Through Self-Representation

"I decide for myself!"


"I decide for myself!" - Equal rights through self-representation for mental health service users” is a project financed through SEE Grants and implemented by the Media Monitoring Agency with Romania Association of Community Psychiatry, an organization with extensive experience in mental health.

The project aims to empower in advocacy and communication techniques 15 people with mental health issues to self-representation. They will be involved in an advocacy platform with 30 relevant actors for the mental health domain, which will hold at least 20 citizen initiatives. Other 50 people with mental health issues will be involved as members of the online communication tool of the advocacy platform. Other 100 beneficiaries with mental health issues will be involved through the awareness and information campaign, which aims to familiarise the general public with mental health disorders, combating the myths and stereotypes thereof.

Reported by CARe Europe Country Representative, Elena Pana in Romania

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