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Developments in Mental Health Reform in Armenia


The report with short summary of developments in Armenia, activities in 2012 and plans for 2013.

The activities of working group aimed at development of strategy of Mental Health in Armenia is summarized as follows:

• The situation in the country in all areas relating to mental health (the spheres of medical, social and psychological care, education of specialists, the legislation in the field of mental health) was analyzed.

• The international experience related the DI process and organization of community based-services was studied. The working group from Armenia took part in three study tours during the year and got acquainted with experience of Hungary, Czech Republic and Estonia. Some members of working group participated also in international conferences in Sofia and Budapest focusing on the de-institutionalization.

• On the basis of analyzed need assessment and learned experience the main objectives of MH policy and strategy in Armenia were formulated. The first draft has been already completed, which included the following paragraphs: analysis of situation in MH, the results of international experience, the goals, objectives and values, the implementation strategy with action plan, expected results.

• The elaboration of pilot program intended for organization of community-based services for people with mental health disabilities is now in progress.

In 2013, we are planning the following activities:

• To receive the comments on draft from experts and approve the policy document

• To submit policy paper to appropriate authorities for approval at the state level

• After getting approval to start the implementation follow the action plan activities

Lilit Baghdasaryan, Armenian Mental Health working group

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