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Deinstitutionalisation and Promoting Community-Based Living in Hungary


ELTE University in cooperation with Soteria Foundation released its research report "Deinstitutionalisation and Promoting Community-Based Living in Hungary 2010-2011". 

The present study is comprised of three sub-studies. In the first study, Zsolt Bugarszki examines the policy developments of the past one year related to deinstitutionalisation. The second sub-study was carried out by István Sziklai and Miklós Szentkatolnay who summarize the results of a survey they had implemented. In this survey, the heads of 10 large institutions and the senior staff of the county governments that maintain these institutions we interviewed, seeking their views with respect to deinstitutionalisation. In the third part of our study, Orsolya Eszik presents the raison d'être for deinstitutionalisation in Hungary through the example of two institutions which have made significant steps towards the elaboration of rehabilitation programmes, have been successful in facilitating the residents of institutions to leave the institution and to lay the foundations for an independent living.

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