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Danny Jacksteit​

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Danny is now a regular guest lecturer at Hogeschool In holland and is regularly asked back after guest lectures and workshops that he has given elsewhere.

And the project continues to grow in this second year: the target group initially consisted of teachers and students of the programs, and there is now also increasing interest from various care institutions. A series of guest lessons has already been planned.

To allow the project to grow further, the Social Run has awarded a subsidy for 2016-2017.

Are you also interested in a guest lesson, workshop or lecture at your education or workplace in healthcare? Then contact Danny: 06-83 773 387,

"I'm an peer support worker and besides that I'm an motivator, trainer ted speaker."

You can follow Danny on Twitter. On his website is a nice interview with the Noord Hollands Dagblad about his own experiences and the reasons for his work now.

Danny will be speaking and leading a workshop at

NEW SHOES Summit 2019

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