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CNSS2019 Innovation Award

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Dariia Lavrentieva from Ukraine has won this year's Innovation Award. Her pitch was voted the best pitch amongst 10 different social innovative ideas. Project “Kids and IT Guys” -  aims to provide connections, opportunities and relationships for children living in institutional care in Ukraine.

Today, almost 106,000 Ukrainian children are raised in residential care institutions. After graduation from institutions these children have to return to the communities of their origin, and often they have to start adult life without any support or connections. Most of these children do not have close people who could teach them elementary life skills. No people to show them options for the professions children can choose, or how they can get into particular fields of employment.

Dariia Lavrentieva from Ukraine #cnss2019
Dariia Lavrentieva from Ukraine

One of the most promising areas in Ukraine today is the area of IT. And we want to open the way to this professional field for young people who have the interest, talents and abilities, but who are not aware of the possibilities for their professional realization. That is why we launched the project “Children and IT Guys” - aimed to help children who live in residential institutions in their socialization and career guidance in the field of IT.

During the project - Children will meet IT guys: they will be invited to develop their own game with the support of experienced IT and Game Development professionals. IT guys will conduct the workshops for the children, as well as engage in informal activities with them to form the connection. 

At the end of 1st project cycle the kids will be invited to participate in a big IT/Gaming event, where they will be able to present their games (if they wish to do so) and engage in the activities with other participants. Project team is aiming to advocate for the children on the event and will provide info about mentorship as a great way of supporting children in the institutions in Ukraine. 

We hope with this project we will help children turn: 

isolation into connection, 

limited opportunities - to more options, 

and abandonment into relationships.

How you can be an active member and support our work:

We have a 'live'-streamed video cast of the NEW SHOES SUMMIT 2019 and a 'Presentation Notes Resource' Pack of the Summit which you get for FREE. Be a CARe Member as an individual or organization. You may also contribute by donating and every bit is welcome!

DONATE via Bank Transfer:

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