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Centre for Mental Health, The Commission for Equality in Mental Health

Centre for Mental Health, The Commission for Equality in Mental Health, November 2020

The Commission was set up in 2018 to explore what causes mental health inequalities, what perpetuates them, and what might help to break the cycle. This is the final report. Today, some groups of people have far poorer mental health than others, often reflecting social disadvantage. In many cases, those same groups of people have less access to effective and relevant support for their mental health. Mental health inequalities cause harm to individuals, families, communities and society as a whole. Reducing mental health inequalities will have multiple benefits: better lives, a fairer society, and a stronger economy. Mental health inequalities are deeply rooted in society. But it does not mean they are inevitable. And they can no longer be ignored. There are no simple solutions or overnight remedies for entrenched injustices. But we have found that effective action is possible. We need to scale up the best approaches, and for those with resources and power to invest differently. And we need communities, local organisations and national government to work together to generate change at scale. In a system designed for equality, action would happen focusing on each of these factor

Mental health for all? The final report of the Commission for Equality in Mental Health DOWNLOAD PDF (58 Pages)

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