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CARe Questionnaire

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Dear colleagues, friends, CARe enthusiasts, We would like to ask you to join us in our effort to promote and spread The Model CARe in practice. In accordance with the current situation, we plan to develop new online basic CARe training and some other activities to keep in touch and improve our practice. We kindly ask you, if you can help us and fill in this questionnaire the information about your current situation in your practice, about your CARe training activities in your country and mainly about your willingness to participate in our aim to develop and run the training. Everybody is welcome😊

The information from the questionnaire would be used only for our needs to create the overview of the actual situation to have a good resource to plan activities which would be meaningful and useful. The results may be shared within our community of CARe Trainers if you sign your agreement for that. There will be no other use of the information you would give us unless we both agree on that with you. If you would not be willing to spread the information amongst CARe trainers, please let us know and the information would be available only for The CARe Network board members. Thank you very much and looking forward for our cooperation, Jana Pluharikova Pomajzlova CARe Head Trainer p.s. If you would like to participate in this questionnaire but did not receive the Questionnaire Form yet, please write us an email to so that we can add your new email address officially.

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