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CARe Method in Croatia

Updated: Dec 8, 2018




CARe Trainings in Croatia - Report shared by NGO Susret, Ada Stojanovic Babic, Kees van Rest, Dirk den Hollander

Report from a visit to Croatia, June 22 till June 29, 2014

Kees van Rest (Recovery Trainer) and Dirk den Hollander (CARe Trainer, CARe Model)

NGO Susret from Zagreb is a CARe Europe member organization and pioneer in providing community-based living and psycho-social support to people with mental health problems.  In Croatia, people with disabilities and mental health problems are mostly settled in institutions and isolated from the families and community life.

Being appointed as senior non-key expert for mentally ill adults on the big IPA project 'Support to social welfare sector for developing community social services 2012-2014' Ada Stojanovic Babic from Susret recognized the platform for promoting CARe in Croatia. The team of Susret employees hosted CARe trainers Dirk den Hollander and Kees van Rest this June in Croatia. Their trip to Osijek, Rijeka and Pula had aim to empower Croatian people accommodated in institutions for mentally ill to own their recovery process and share their stories. This week was a great example of partnership and collaboration between Susret and CARe Europe. The following report is a Personal impression of the trip by Kees van Rest and Dirk den Hollander

The schedule of the trip:

22.6. Arrival to Zagreb

23.-24.6. OSIJEK overnight stay in Osijek

26.-27.6. RIJEKA / PULA

28.6. ZAGREB

29.6. Departure to NL

We had 3 meetings, all in living facilities for clients with psychiatric disabilities. In all facilities there was a client who was the translator. We give a short description of our experiences. Read more

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