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CARe Innovation Summit 2017


Bucharest, Romania

(Net)working on Innovation in Mental Health

CARe Europe invites you to a summit on innovative solutions in the field of mental health care in Bucharest, Romania. The event will be held on 22nd-23rd of March 2018

CARe Europe is an international network around recovery and social inclusion, connecting West and East, North and South.

Our meeting in Bucharest offers you the opportunity to get inspiration, to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to support each other developing new promising initiatives. We encourage to participate mental health care professionals, peer-support workers, representatives of user organizations, IT developers, marketers, designers and entrepreneurs who are interested in social entrepreneurship and assistive technology.

Pitch Your Idea

(Net)working on Innovation in Mental Health

We offer participants an opportunity to present their innovative idea in our pitching[1] session. You can pitch your idea about a social entrepreneurship or regular business activity with strong social impact, a user-led initiative, a recovery college, a unique solution in community-based services, an innovative tech project aiming to support people with a mental-health problem, an application, platform, sharing economy initiative. Register at our Innovation Summit and pitch for the €1000 award that will be awarded to the best idea.


Each idea is presented by one person only. Even if you work in a team, only one person is pitching. You can use only one single slide/photo or any other visual element for your pitching. No slideshow, no video (instead of your speech) and no any other presentation tools. You talk, with one single visual element behind you.

Pitches is in English. 

Your pitch is maximum 3 minutes long. You will be stopped after 3 minutes. The pitch will be followed with questions to clarify any details. 

You can sign up for a pitch even in the last moment. Just come, stand up, and present your idea.


Our event is also an excellent occasion for networking. We expect people from 17 different countries, who will listen to your idea and who may join your project or help to develop it further. 



Summit Highlights

Social enterprises and inclusion

Moderator: Jon Pitts        

Which way (social) entrepreneurship can contribute to a personal recovery process and social participation of individuals and sustainability of service providers, user-led organizations. We will discuss how entrepreneurial activities and business models can support the personal recovery of individuals and sustainability of service providers, NGOs and user organizations.

Assistive technology. ICT-based innovation in the social and health sector

Moderator: Zsolt Bugarszki

Internet-based ICT tools, electronic gadgets and devices, robot technology, automatization, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, start-up culture and sharing economy initiatives are surrounding us everywhere. Our world is changing rapidly and innovative development starts to appear in the social and healthcare system, too. We will have an overview of opportunities and challenges the new technological advancements bring to our field.

Peer Support and Recovery Colleges

Moderator: Kees van Rest 

User involvement, user-led initiatives, peer support and recovery-oriented approaches became a part of the mainstream of the mental health system in many countries. We will discuss good practices, challenges, interesting and innovative initiatives from not only Western Europe, but we pay a particular attention to the progress in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

Introductory workshop on CARe methodology

Moderators: Dirk den Hollander and Jean-Pierre Wilken

CARe (Comprehensive Approach to Rehabilitation) is a model based on the principles of recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation. It is used nowadays by thousands of professionals in more than 10 countries. It was developed by Jean Pierre Wilken and Dirk den Hollander in the Netherlands. An introductory workshop will be held where participants can have an insight into the model.

We accept presentation and pitching ideas in until 1st of March 2018. <Submit Ideas Here>

Registration fee is €150 for participants from Western European countries and €50 for participants from middle-and low-income countries[2]. Registration fee includes:

Participation on any of our workshops

Pitching opportunity for your idea

Drinks and snacks during the event

Judging Panel:


More about the judging panel, click here

Organising committee:

Ioana Pavel, Elena Pana, Zsolt Bugarszki, Jodee Lim, Jean Pierre Wilken

Event venue:

Hotel Ibis Bucharest Palatul Parlamentului City Centre, Str. Izvor, Nr. 82-84, sector 5, Bucuresti

The hotel is located in the city centre. Special prices apply if you want to stay in the hotel. Check the website for other hotels in the vicinity.

An elevator pitch is simply a very short presentation that [1] distils the idea into a short summary that takes only as long as a short elevator ride.

[2] Armenia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

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