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CARe for People, Not for The Institutions!

From November 15th to 17th there was 35th Conference on Social Psychiatry in Jeseník (CZ). Its focus was recovery and transformation of Czech psychiatry. CARe CZECH Initiative hold four events (lectures, seminars, workshops) at the conference.

Team of Circus Paciento - CARe influenced social circus initiative that runs social circus projects in mental hospitals all over Czech Republic - contributed to the conference with a special so-called seminar during conference’s after party.

Three funny dressed performers read their Re:form manifest: they asked to bring Czech psychiatry from the reform back to the (safe and exact) form. They offered congenial plan of appling for putting Czech psychiatry at the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO, which helps to protect today’s old fashioned traditional system of Czech psychiatry from all changes and under UNESCO protection no reform could be able to change it.

Performers offered also a lot of educational seminars, that should have helped the professionals to stick to this old fashioned patterns, such as

Independent Decision Making as a Reason for Longer Hospitalization,

Patient’s Feeling of Futility as Important Driver of Compliance in Psychiatry,

From Reform to the Uniform, Unidisciplinarity as a Tool of Centralization of Mental Health

Housing Last etc.

We believe making fun supports hope that something can change!

Updates from Mgr. Martin Fojtíček, 24.11.2018

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