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CARe Europe Training Programme in Curacao


After a training programme of 1,5 years, 17 professionals of Mental Health Care Curacao received on Friday 5th April, their diplomas as trainers, coaches and team leaders in the CARe methodology, after successfully passing their exams.

The professionals were trained by Dirk den Hollander and Toon van Meel from the Netherlands. We congratulate the following persons with this great achievement!

Els Végh,

Jadira Martina,

Berthold Beerlage,

Egbert Isenia,

Ernadith Reinita,

Magali Gustina,

Danny Bennenbroek,

Soraida Molina,

Suzette Howell,

Inge van Gastel,

Angelique Marten,

Cindy Martines,

Patricia Mondesir,

Yaniek Pinedo,

Helen Prophet,

Agatha Spalburg and

Maglanis Eisden.

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