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CARe Europe and the EU


Several CARe Europe members were present at the EU conference on deinstitutionalisation which took place in Tallinn, 11-12 October, under the Estonian presidency of the EU Council. Among them: Aster Tooma, Kylli Mae, Zsolt Bugarszki and Jean Pierre Wilken, who had presentations in different sessions. Kylli Mae showed the great example how mobile rehabilitation teams, consisting of social workers and peer workers, play an important role in supporting people moving towards and living in the community in Estonia. Jean Pierre described the developments in the Netherlands where multidisciplinary community support teams have been formed in nearly every town and village. Zsolt explained how we can move beyond traditional welfare services, by creating social enterprises and using ICT platforms to organize mutual support in the community.

The User Involvement Workshop presentation notes:

Conference on 13 October 2017 : Dignity + Independent living = DI

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